| Our Values

“There is nothing more expensive than a free lunch!” The only good business is honest, open partnerships that are conducted with integrity and which benefit both parties. Short cuts and ‘silver bullets’ are unsustainable and, at the very least, a mortgage on your future. (You end up paying 4 times the ticket price!)

We are privileged to enjoy long-term relationships with our clients – even after our direct involvement. Our clients’ success is our success

| Job Preservation

Our first priority is to elevate the performance of people so that the business achieves its potential, rather than cutting resources to fit current performance levels. However, if this is not possible we are rational enough to concede that, sometimes, it is also necessary to ‘slim down’!

| Respect

For all types of businesses – from the most elementary, informal retail businesses to major distribution brands – we respect the fact that someone had the courage to risk hard-earned capital in the enterprise, which has created employment for many people and, in turn, supports multiple dependants.

| Pragmatism

While we use and apply tried-and-tested business principles, our methodology is to engage with our clients as both partners and colleagues.

| Innovation

The tools we employ are at the forefront of development – enabling us to gain insights into the business and develop solutions that provide our clients with a clear and obvious competitive edge.

| Measurability

“If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed” – is a credo that we take seriously. Every action, decision and intervention has a direct financial consequence and, as such, should be measured, monitored and managed – both at input level and periodic outputs