A Special Offer For Retail Traders

R3495 (excluding VAT) can buy your business a new growth spurt!

In celebration of our new website we are making this offer to the first 500 hardware and building materials stores visitors. It is part of Ilanga Retail Consultants’ mission to make our consulting services available to as wide a range of retail businesses as possible. All businesses go through their challenging times – and we know how difficult it is to get help which is both affordable and effective. Our special offer includes:

  1. An Africa Eye report, providing:
  • A map depicting different types of dwellings in your catchment
  • Summary of LSM groups, total household income in your area and their expenditure on your product range
  • An accurate measure of your market share
  • The locations of shopping malls- and your direct competitors
  1. A comparison of your key performance indicators against industry best practice and hundreds of similar businesses in South Africa
  2. An interpretation of the Africa Eye report, including how the growth potential can be exploited without unduly increasing overheads.

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Every tenth enquiry will have their fee refunded. Watch this space!

Every client who accepts this offer will have their business details published on this website.

Businesses in other sectors please stand by. We are in the process of structuring a similar offer for you. In the meantime, call. Let’s talk.

Terms and conditions apply, including a Non-disclosure Agreement to protect confidential information which you submit to us; prices exclude travel and related expenses outside the Gauteng area