Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to assist Retailers and Wholesalers in achieving attractive returns on investment by improving the productivity of assets and resources.

Who we are

Ilanga Retail Consultants was founded in response to a common problem in retail – what is the optimal balance between assets, stock, and return on investment?

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What we do

We apply measurement parameters to identify what needs to be fixed in your business, and a set of common-sense principles on how to fix it.

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Products & Services

While we are proud vendors and users of international leading technologies, we are not driven by products.

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Are your sales people exploiting the full value of each customer that enters the store?

Are your people attentive and skilled enough, and providing the total basket of products and services that the customer needs?

Use the latest technologies to identify what opportunities are not being fully exploited and equip your most expensive resource (your people) to increase the number of transactions that your store processes in a day as well as the average value of those transactions.

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