Products and Services

Training and Development

At least 90% of training funds are wasted because the “End” is not clearly defined i.e. what is the direct link between the exercise of the skill and financial results?

  • No-frills training in essential retail operational skills: on site, real time
  • Accredited learning programmes and learnerships in Retail and Wholesale, if required
  • Retail management skills
  • Financial skills for business owners
  • Executive and management coaching

Affordable, on-line retail training option for stores that find it difficult to release their people to attend formal training workshops: Training can be done on-site during quieter periods of the day, week, month; with a full support structure to assist local managers

Make the change from selling “To” retailers to selling “Through” retailers!

Grow your sales through your existing retail network by ensuring a competitive advantage

Ilanga Retail Consultants will assist you to make quantum improvements in sales levels by:

  • Conducting an analysis of the market potential for your products within the catchment areas of your retailers
  • By applying your target market shares, determine accurately what your sales should be through each retail outlet
  • Determine the gap between current performance levels and what you are currently achieving
  • Conduct an analysis of what needs to be done to achieve your rightful share of target markets
  • Train your business development/field sales force to understand how retailers make their profits – and what you need to do to increase your sales through targeted retailers
  • Structure planning and reporting systems to ratchet your sales effort to more professional levels
  • Design and implement a control panel to empower your sales force to self-regulate their performance
  • Provide real-time coaching on all aspects of retailing and the functions relating to improving your product performance through each of your selected retailers

Business Brokerage

Our exposure in the retail industry, ensures that we are in touch with both potential sellers and investors. The process that we follow is:

  • Determine a fair price considering current performance as well as Improvement Potential against acceptable Industry Price: Earnings ratios
  • Compile a portfolio containing:
    • High level financials i.e. current returns, fixed- and working capital
    • Profitability levels
    • Condition of stock, debtors’ book
    • Demographic profile of market potential
  • Forecasted income, profitability ratios, returns etc… given the Ilanga treatment’
  • Compile an Improvement Plan to achieve required returns on the capitalised value of the purchase
  • Implement the Improvement Plan
  • Training, Coaching and Development of new personnel